Physiology Lab: Physiology Laboratory is spacious, well ventilated and well decorated. The practical parts are conducted in batches. It is fully equipped with the instruments and equipment as per AYUSH norms. All the important regions are kept in strong custody.


Pharmacy Lab: Pharmacy Laboratory is well ventilated and lighted. The equipments as per CCH norms are available. The practical are conducted with new batches every day.


Pathology Lab: Pathology Laboratory is fully equipped with the instruments and apparatus as per CCH norms. The regions and assets are kept in strong custody. The practical are conducted regularly under the guidance of experienced teachers.


Anatomy Museum: Anatomy Museum is equipped with plenty of models of different organs and systems. The full body model is also enriching the Museum. There are plenty of skeletons and bones are stored in the Museum .The wet soft viscera are kept indifferent drums. Histological slides and microscopes are plenty for the demonstration classes. The mummified body is placed at the museum which is a beauty. Different types of charts prepared by students and purchase dare hanged in the museum.


Anatomy Dissection Hall: Anatomy Dissection Hall is boast of the institution. Since past long 6tablesford is section and a larged rum for preservation of cadaver are available. The dead bodies are received from different Medical Collages by the order of Health and Family Welfare Department ,Government of West Bengal.



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