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Pratap Chandra Memorial Homoeopathic Hospital & College was established in the year 1926 by late Dr. Jitendra Nath Majumder, in order to commemorate the name of his illustrious father late Dr. Pratap Chandra Majumder who was one of the pioneers of homoeopathy in India and popularized homoeopathy in Bengal. Dr. Jitendra Nath Majumder, founder of this institution was the eldest son of late Dr. Pratap Chandra Majumder. He was born on July 4, 1876. He established this institution at first in a rented building at Mechhua Bazaar Street, opposite to the YMCA building. Later, in the year 1930, the present plot of land at 14/1, Narkeldanga North Road, Kolkata-700011 was purchased by him and a temporary structure was constructed to start the out-patient department. In the year 1932, the founder, late Dr. Jitendra Nath Majumder handed over the institution to the Board of Trustees duly registered under Charitable Act XXI of 1860. The institution was registered under Registrar of Society Act 140, for 1935-36 dated 18/09/1935.

In the year 1934, the college department was shifted to the present hospital premises. The first phase of the newly constructed college building covers approx. 16,000 sq. ft. accommodating necessary classrooms, laboratories, library, anatomy museum, dissection hall, indoor male patient department etc. The second phase of development of separate hospital building has partly completed to run indoor female patient department, maternity ward & operation theatre.Out patient department in the morning and afternoon shift, dental, eye, medical, surgical, ECG, USG,x-ray, physiotherapy, ENT, cardiology departments are working. The nerve centre of the college, the library, is well stocked with the latest text and reference books by Indian and foreign authors. In addition the library subscribes to many journals. The library facilities are in a continuous state of upgrading. The students can freely use the library facilities for their benefit. Late Dr. Pratul Chandra Majumder & late Atul Chandra Majumder, sons of the founder late Jitendra Nath Majumder, took admission in this college after passing the LMF examination and qualified themselves in homoeopathy.

The nucleus of the whole academic life and administration was centered around late Dr. Jnan Majumder (MSc, MB, FRCS, MRCP, DMS, MD) who was the friend, philosopher, guide of this institution and was also centered around late Dr. A.C. Majumder. Late Dr. B.K. Dhar rendered his valuable service by upholding the nucleus of this institution till his death. Late Dr. Jitendra Nath Majumder was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees during his lifetime. After his demise, his eldest son late Dr. Pratul Chandra Majumdar became the Chairman, followed by late Prof. Prasanta Roy and late Dr. B.K. Dhar and Late Dr. Subodh Dey. Then the Chairmanship was entrusted to DR. Ranjit Chakrabarty, the present Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Qualified Lecturers

The institution had been affiliated with the State Faculty and General Council of Homoeopathic Medicine, West Bengal, since its inception of DMS (Diploma in Medicine & Surgery, a diploma course in homoeopathy) in the year 1944. On the enactment of Homoeopathic Bill in 1963, this institution enjoys the affiliation from the Council of Homoeopathic Medicine, West Bengal and also been recognized under the Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH), New Delhi, since its formation. Revolutionary changes were started in 1973, under the dynamic leadership of late Dr. D.D. Banerjee, the Principal of the institution at that time. Since the inception of DHMS (Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery) course, introduced by CCH, this institution offered the course as the only diploma college in Calcutta from 1983. After the sad demise of Dr. D.D. Banerjee, under the leadership of the next Principal Dr. N.C. Pal, an all out effort was made to upgrade the institution from diploma course to degree course BHMS under the Calcutta University. The leadership of Dr. R.K. Dutta, ex-teacher-in-charge, member of the Board of Trustees, further helped the progress of the institution. The fruitful result was achieved in the year 1997, after an all-round effort rendered by all well-wishers of the institution. Since then, the institution is conducting the degree course in homoeopathy, i.e. BHMS, affiliated to the Calcutta university & The West Bengal University of Health Sciences

Best Results

(DD – 36, SECTOR – I SALT LAKE CITY KOLKATA - 64, VICE- CHANCELLOR: Dir - Prof. Amit Banerjee, REGISTRAR: Prof. Q. M. Rahaman) and recognized by CCH and the Government of West Bengal. Dr. M. De (ex-principal) continued the development of the institution successfully for a considerable period of time.Then under the leadership of Dr. A. Chatterjee, Teacher-in-charge and supervision of the members of Board of Trustees & Local Managing Committee, an all-round improvement of the institution was continued. Dr. A. Chatterjee retired on 01/03/2011 and the college was running under the Teacher-in-chargeship of Dr. Bidhu Bhushan Jana on and from 01/03/2011.


Under the dynamic leadership of Dr.B.Jana, Principal and supervision of the members of Board of Trustees & Local Managing Committee along with the sincere cooperation of the teachers, non-teaching staff, medical officers, students, internees, house-staff, revolutionary changes and development continued. The college department is now equipped with computers in order to impart education on Materia Medica, Repertory & the hospital also computerise for central registration. Dr. B. Jana was superannuated on 31/1/01/2020 and the college is running under the Principal-In-Charge, Dr Nidan Betal on and from 01/02/2020. The college department is now equipped with computer in order to impart education on Materia Medica and Repertory. The institution has been receiving recurring grants from the Government of West Bengal and from the Department ISMM, Government of India.

    Administrative Staff

Adminstrator (DR.) BIDHU BHUSAN JANA Principal In-Charge :PROF. (DR.).Nidan Betal BURSAR - DR. ASISH SASMAL Among the notable persons, who have dedicated their benevolent services towards the Institution are respectfully remembered. Late Niraml Chandra Chandra Late Dr. B. K. Sarkar Late E.D. Hirmat Sinkha Late Dr. Surendra Nath Sengupta Late Dr. R. Ahmed Late Dr. A. T. Roy Late Dr. N. M. Chowdhury Late R. C. Roy Chowdhury Late Dr. J . N. Majumder Late Dr. J. N. Kanjilal Late Dr. Probodh Chowdhury Late Dr. Rajib Lochan Banerjee Late Dr. A. C. Majumder Late Dr. B. K. Dhar Late Rajendra Nath Majumder (Ex-Mayor) Late Dr. Pratul Chandra Majumder Late Dr. Prasanta Roy Late Dr. I. Saha Late Dr. D. D. Banerjee Late Dr. S. Moitra Late Dr. D. Roy Late Dr. S. N. Roy Late Dr. K, C. Das Late Dr. S. Gooptu Late Dr. A. K. Sil Late Dr. Subhas De Late Dr. R. N. Banerjee Late Dr. Subodh De Late Dr.Ranjit K. Dutta Late Dr. N. C. Pal

       Board of Trustees

1. Prof.(Dr.) Ranjit Chakrabarty- Chairman 2. Mr. Arup Chandra- Secretary 3. Mr. Pracheta Mazumdar- Member 4 Prof.(Dr.) Bidhu Bhusan Jana-Member 5 Prof.(Dr.) Nidan Betal- Invitee Member

      Local Managing Committee 2016-2021

1. Prof.(Dr.) Ranjit Chakrabarty- Ex officio Chairman/ President 2. PROF. (DR.).Nidan Betal-Member Secretary 3. Mr.Ashis Ghosh- Secretary's Nominee 4.Three Local members- a) Mr.Paresh Pal MLA b) Prof.(Dr.) Mihir Bhattacharjee- Emeritus Professor ID Hospital c) Mr. Tarapada Dutta- Social Worker 5. Three teacher representative- a) Dr..Raghu Nath Dhara b) Dr.Mustafizur Rahaman c) Dr.Santanu Ghosh 6. One Non-teaching representative- a) Mr. Uttam Kumar Saha

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